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By choosing Australian Medical Locums medical recruitment agency to find you locum work, you will have the support of qualified professionals, and the strength of an ongoing relationship. Registering with multiple agencies does not necessarily translate into more job options.
By selecting the right specialist agency, you will have access to jobs that many agencies don’t even know about. In each state there are differing regulations, paperwork, and other requirements to work as a locum doctor.
Although it is an option to submit applications directly to employers, most locums find that it is a much simpler process if they engage the professional support of a medical recruitment agency, especially given the number of employers you need to contact before finding the right work.

Medical Locum Work

The path to working in Australia can be fraught with confusion. Getting your medical qualifications recognised, choosing a location, obtaining a working visa and finding the right medical practice to work in, it could be described as maze-like at the very least.

Australian Medical Locums can help you liaise with the numerous professional bodies involved in the process to become registered to work in Australia. As well as simplifying the process, a medical recruitment can also help you gain access to the ‘hidden’ employment market - jobs that are not advertised publicly, giving you a greater choice of locum jobs throughout Australia.

As a GP qualified in the UK, NZ, Canada, or Ireland, you may be eligible for ad eundem fellowship of the college. Graduates from other systems may be eligible for partial recognition.

Whichever category you fall into, it is crucial to have professional support from someone who knows and understands the accreditation system for GPs in Australia.

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Are you familiar with the processes and documentation required to work as a locum doctor in Australia? Australian Medical Locums specialise in finding the right locum job for doctors in a variety of specialties.

We arrange locum and permanent positions for medical doctors throughout Australia, finding doctors jobs in general practice clinics, public and private hospitals, corporate healthcare organisations and specialist practice group.

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